Wet lab automation, from experiments to mass production.

Control and integrate all the devices in your lab. Focus on doing science rather than managing different lab tools.

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A new kind of software that lets you use your existing lab robotics to execute experiments.

Radix turns formal lab protocol descriptions into instructions for robots to execute.
If you can describe your process, we can automate it.

Works with your existing equipment

Radix works with your existing on premise hardware, and makes it easy to use hardware from many manufacturers.

Formalize your existing processes

Turn your protocol into a portable formalization that enables reproducibility and removes ambiguities.

Easy to scale up

Run your protocol in “max flow” mode, where we help you get maximum leverage out of your existing set-up.

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Works with novel devices

Works with cutting edge technology like programmable microfluidics, electroporation, advanced sensors and logging.

Gradual adoption

Benefit from protocol revision control and logging even before you have any lab automation in place.

An intuitive, easy-to-use way to specify lab protocols

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