Complex Lab Work: 

Radically Simple

Radix is a system  software that runs and tracks all your experiments — a better way to manage labs and advance science.

More Experiments,
Better Science

Radically simple. Incredibly capable. Radix lets you design, execute, and analyze multiple experiments, faster and more reliably.

Total Visibility,
End to End

Intuitively describe, debug, run, and review your processes thanks to a single, visual interface.

Results Made
and Shareable

Shareable data and protocols in a digital, future-proof format make it easier than ever to achieve full reproducibility.

A Connected Lab,
from Experiment
to Production

From robotics and sensors to more advanced devices, Radix lets you integrate and automate all current and future lab hardware as a single system.

"This is the not the first time I've heard of a biotech software startup using the theory of constraints—but it is the first to do it automatically. It's so obvious, but no one else is doing it."

COO, IPO’ed Biotech Startup

“Where were you four years ago during my PhD? You could have saved me two years of my life!”

Ally Yost, Associate at The Engine, Former Mechanical Engineering PhD

"By clicking that button, you've automated my afternoon."