We help more scientists do better science by making complex lab work radically simple.

Our Story

It takes our collective imagination and intelligence to understand the complexities of biology and its potential for humanity. But currently, our process of experimentation is just as complex as the questions we aim to answer. 

What if there were a better way? What might we discover or create if everyone had access to a shared set of intuitive, powerful tools? What would it mean if every scientist had 60% more time to focus on designing and analyzing experiments rather than running and documenting them?

We founded Radix to make this possible, and in doing so, are transforming a historically complex process into something radically simple. 

It’s time to upgrade.



Radical Openness

We believe that open minds and generous sharing are critical to shaping the ideas that move our world forward.

Powerful Simplicity

Simplicity is about giving people new powers to control complex processes and making them simple, everyday experiences.

Lasting Optimism

We’re energized by an absolute belief in the human capacity to shape a better tomorrow.


Dhasharath Shrivathsa

Dhash is the founder of Radix. He holds no formal educational qualifications, but did research for several years at the MIT Media Lab and built a class, MAS063. In his free time, you’ll find him expounding on how amazing modern computers are, hiking, and reading sci-fi.

Janardhanan Shankar

Shankar, as interim COO and member of the board, heads business development, manages client relationships, and drives the overall go-to-market approach, including streamlining operations for growth.

George Sibble
Software Engineer

George is a founder of 3 startups in San Francisco and expert in technology entrepreneurship. His background spans decades of languages, technologies, and architectures. He holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University.

Halie Murray-Davis
Software Engineer

Halie loves working with robots and people. With an undergraduate degree from Olin College and a Masters from the University of Cambridge, she makes awesome things that make people's lives better.

Alex Wied
Software Engineer

Alex is exploring the intersection of biochemistry and software and holds a Masters in Biochemistry from the University of New Hampshire. He enjoys cryptography, Haskell, rock climbing, and deep bass.

Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho
Software Engineer

Ivan likes biking, musical instruments, org mode, and i3. He holds a B.S. in EECS and Math, with a Masters in CS from MIT and is a IPhO, IOAA, IOL, and IJSO medalist.

Shannon McInnis
Software Engineer Intern

Shannon is a student at Northeastern University where she is studying Computer Science and Mathematics. She loves robotics and learning new things, as well as cooking.